Information about the Wellness programme


The Wellness programme was developed by SOS (Suicide or Survive). The programme is run in Workshops all over the country and the online programme was developed to allow our message of Mental Wellness to reach a wider online audience.

Suicide or Survive was set up in 2003 by Caroline McGuigan as a result of her personal experience of suicide and survival. SOS became a registered charity in 2005. The organisation developed in order to fill two gaps in existing healthcare services for those who have attempted or contemplated suicide. These gaps, which were identified through personal experience and feedback from individuals who had attempted/ contemplated suicide and research showed that there was a lack of one-to-one psychotherapeutic interventions that can be easily accessed and that are not prohibitively costly and a safe space to explore experiences and seek support.

One of the key drivers behind the work of SOS is the desire to support and assist the individual to harness his/ her own strengths and provide them with the tools to improve their own mental wellness. To this end, the organisation has recruited and formed alliances and partnerships with people and organisations who are passionate about taking positive action to create change in relation to mental health.


Suicide Or Survive

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